Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nestlé Sharkforce Gets Set to Win Lives

The days and months ahead call for critical thinking and timely action. Let’s do our part and win lives in 2010 so we can grow the many Manny Pacquiao’s of tomorrow!” said Chairman and CEO John Miller as he addressed the Nestlé Philippines Shark force for the first time and challenged them to breathe life into this year’s National Sales Kick-off theme “Win Lives”.

Speaking before a thousand members of the Sharkforce, Business Units, Shared Service Units, and Nestlé distributors during the plenary session of the 2010 National Sales Kick-Off held on January 29 at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza in Roxas Boulevard, John congratulated the Sales team for a job well done in 2009 and urged them to keep up the winning spirit.

“This is the moment that I have looked forward to most since I arrived here in the Philippines in September 2009, the moment when I have the opportunity to address the best sales force in the Nestlé World,” John said as he began his opening remarks. “I salute your great achievements, several of which are recognized as best practice around the world. In saying this, I include our valued Distribution Partners who are here with us today and who I regard very much as part of the extended Nestlé Family.

“You are in the right place, in the right Company,” John said. “If we did outstandingly well under the harsh conditions of 2009, I know we can do better in 2010 as we set out to Win Lives!”

NPI is Ready for 2010
National Sales Director Shahab Bachani lauded the Sharkforce’s determination,synergy, and passion for excellence, which allowed the team to deliver a winning performance in 2009, amidst difficulties and challenges. “We surpassed our targets, delivered consistent results, and drove better execution last year. Our regions showed good performance, revealing the superheroes in each team,” summed up Shahab, who thanked the Business Units and the Shared Services for the outstanding support provided to the Sharkforce, allowing the team to deliver growth.

Shahab cited the Sharkforce’s efforts to build on the basics which enabled flawless execution of plans and programs in-store, resulting in better alignment with distributors and top customers. “As the winning spirit lives on in 2010, we will be guided by our mission to nurture Filipino families, and driven by our ambition to make Nestlé brands the most widely distributed and the most visible in all trade channels so we can win in every store for all categories. In 2010, we shall be the best in class among FMCG companies!” Shahab declared.

You Win Only When You Help Others
Special guest Efren Penaflorida, CNN 2009 Hero of the Year awardee for his innovative “Kariton Klasrum (push cart classroom), touched the hearts of many that morning, as he delivered his inspirational talk and recounted his humble beginnings, growing up in an urban slum near an open dump site in Cavite City.

In 1997, at 16 years old, Efren, who was one of World Vision’s sponsored-children during his early childhood, started a youth group in his high school aimed at diverting students’ attention away from street gangs, and towards community activism and personal development. Joined by other classmates, they named the group “Dynamic Teen Company”. Now a teacher and social worker, Efren heads the Dynamic Teen Company, which offers Filipino youth an alternative to street gangs through education, recreating school settings in unconventional locations such as cemeteries and trash dumps. The company eventually pioneered the idea of the “pushcart classroom”, wherein pushcarts were stocked with school materials such as books, pens, tables, and chairs, and then used on Saturdays to recreate school settings.

In his talk, Efren underscored the importance of helping others to Win. “Great things start from small beginnings,” he said, quoting a popular line from the MILO jingle of yesteryears, to the delight of the very appreciative audience.

“Just look inside you, search in your heart— there is a hero in each of us,” Efren went on. “Each of us has been created for a purpose, and knowing your purpose in life helps you focus. No person is ever too ordinary or too weak to be a hero. Every one can contribute and share something, and the simple things you share can create great things. You can be the change that you dream to be. But you will only WIN when you help others WIN!”

The Baton is Passed
The 2010 National Sales Kickoff marked the passing of the sales leadership baton from Shahab to Paolo Rodriguez who has assumed the National Sales Director post, following his successful stint in Nestlé China where he gained valuable experience.

Shahab, as earlier announced, now heads the Liquid Beverages Business Unit effective February 1. John thanked Shahab “for the considerable wins that have been achieved under his leadership” and welcomed Paolo back into the NPI fold. “I know that I can count on you all to give Paolo the same outstanding support that you have given Shahab,” the CEO told the Sharkforce.

In addressing the audience, Paolo congratulated the Sharkforce for an excellent performance in 2009 and urged the team to keep the winning spirit burning as they gear up for the challenges of 2010. “I look forward to upholding the standards that you have set. As we pursue our goals to win in 2010, let us always remember that with great power comes great responsibility. Let us not lose sight of what is important to us, and that is, to delight our customers and our consumers in everything that we do.”


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