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How to stay healthy during the holidays

2013 is only a few days away--you know what they say about new years and new beginnings, right? :) It's the perfect time to renew your New Year's Resolutions and commit to it!

This holiday season, give the priceless gift of health to your family and to yourself. Being in good shape will surely help you beat the holiday rush and make the most out of celebrations and gatherings. Here are some easy ways to stay healthy during the holidays:
Boost your immunity 
You're more likely to catch a cold – or worse, flu – now because of the cool weather and the holiday stress. Build up your immune system by...

  • Loading up on food that strengthens your immunity, like citrus fruits, green and leafy veggies, berries, almonds. Drink a glass of NESTEA which contains 100% of your vitamin C need to help maintain your optimum immune system. Or you can have a glass of BEAR BRAND Powdered Milk Drink which contains vitamin C, zinc and iron to help build your body's resistance.
  • Getting enough sleep, because your body repairs itself as you sleep
Get – and stay – active
The temptation to slack off during the holiday break is strong, but don't give in. Below are some easy ways to keep fit:

  • After attending simbang gabi, go jogging, walking, or running. Take advantage of the cool, crisp air during the early morning.
  • Volunteer to be one of the performers at your office Christmas party. Not only will you burn calories as you practice your moves with your friends or coworkers – you also get to have fun with them.
  • So that the holiday rush won't get to you, let your body release some endorphins (a.k.a. “the happy hormone”) by getting active with your kids. Play some outdoor games like habulan and patintero for extra helpings of fun!
Eat right
You'll surely go to many holiday gatherings that are overflowing with food. Here are some tips to help you make healthy food choices.

  • Eat a lot of fruits and veggies. Put as many different colors as possible on your plate. Remember to use My Wellness Plate as your guide to healthy eating by loading ½ of your plate with fruits and vegetables, ¼ with carbohydrates like rice and pasta, and ¼ with protein like meat and fish.
  • For portion control, choose a small plate. Put just the right amount of food on your plate – only what you can finish.
  • Choose water or fresh fruit juices instead of sodas.
  • Want to go back to the buffet table for round two? Wait! It takes your brain 10 to 15 minutes to realize that your stomach is already full.
  • Bring something healthy to a potluck party – share the blessing of good health with your loved ones! Search Nestlé Club's database of recipes for healthy dishes.
Source: Nestlé Club

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Happy holidays, Kasambuhays!

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