Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Coffee with the CEO - NBS AOA, North DC Chat with John

Chairman and CEO John Martin Miller bridged the miles between Makati and Meycauayan with an hour-long drive and an hour (or more) of talks with Nestlé Business Services AOA (NBS AOA) and the Nestlé North Distribution Center (NDC) in a Coffee with the CEO session held on July 6.

After a walkthrough of the NBS AOA and NDC floors, John met with both teams and gave an update on the business. “Customer service is the number one priority of our business. All of us, as Nutrition, Health and Wellness ambassadors, should ensure the most positive customer experience,” said John. He also emphasized the care, attention and investment that Nestlé gives to its people as part of the Company’s competitive advantage, as well as the strong relationship building with suppliers and partners. “The good relationship that we have with our suppliers reinforces how important we are to their business, one that drives our suppliers to grow,” noted John.

Focus on Things Pinoy
Showing his humorous side, the Chairman candidly shared his amusing experiences with the audience— how he felt during his Wowowee and Show Me the Manny guest appearances, cooking laing, getting used to and being amused by the quirks of Pinoy English.

In a more serious tone, he acknowledged that “the Philippines is a source of best practices and has set the bar very high” when it won the Gold and Silver in the 2009 Innovation awards for NESTEA and BEAR BRAND, respectively. “Nestlé remains as committed to the Philippines as we have been in the past 99 years,” said John, citing the Company’s PhP 4.3 billion investment in a new factory in Tanauan, Batangas as one clear indication. He also noted the encouraging participation of NBS AOA in a previous CSV event, saying that this is one avenue to contribute to nation building.

New ways of working
Moving forward, John advocated his audience to embrace new ways of working— marked by a borderless world and a strong commitment to NCE. “The war on waste is the heart of NCE. Let’s get it right the first time,” he remarked. The session was capped by an interesting question posed to John to which he gave an inspiring answer: what was an important learning moment that has shaped his career. John recalled a career situation where he had to choose between a familiar and an unfamiliar option. “Take the path less trod,” he advised. “Put yourself in a challenging situation where you feel you might fail— you won’t. You’ll stretch and go beyond what you think you can achieve.”

Source: Nestle Family Balita (August 15, 2010)

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