Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Getting to Know Our Consumers Better - John, Peter, BEMs Visit Wowowee

What do our consumers enjoy doing? What appeals to them? What entertains them? What engages them? What makes them laugh? How is it best to reach them?

To get to know and understand what stimulates and motivates them, the Nestlé Business Executive Managers (BEMs) led by Chairman and CEO John Miller, Finance & Control Director Peter Noszek, and Director of Communications Sandra Puno visited popular ABS-CBN noontime show Wowowee on the set of its live program on February 8, 2010. A top rating variety show that airs live on weekdays and Saturdays, Wowowee is known for its games, quizzes, and charades, where host Willie Revillame challenges contestants to guess their way to winning from hundreds to thousands of pesos. John, Peter, Sandra and BEMs Eugene David, Ernie Mascenon, Shahab Bachani, Afnan Ahsan, and Joey Uy joined the audience, accompanied by Market Intelligence Head Jing Villacorta, Consumer Services Head Au Alipao, C&MS Projects Head Jason Avancena, and Media Head Joy Jolingan who organized the Wowowee visit. As part of the live show’s audience that day, the NPI team gamely participated in portions of the show’s program, as the hosts asked the audience to sing, dance, shout and break into applause.

Wowowee host Willie Revillame personally picked John to take part in the show’s much applauded Hep Hep Hurray Game, where selected members of the audience were asked to go on stage to participate in the contest. On stage, comedienne Pokwang introduced herself to John as the NESTLÉ Sorbetes endorser and planted a kiss on John’s cheek. Willie then asked John what his message was to the TV viewers, and the Chairman and CEO quickly retorted, “Buy more Nestlé products, most especially NESTLÉ Sorbetes.” Peter Noszek was asked to carry a placard labeled “Hungary” to represent his home country. At one point during the show, one of the hosts asked Peter, “Sir, you are from Hungary. Are you hungry?” to which Peter gamely answered “Yes” to the delight of the audience.

The visit to Wowowee is part of a bigger consumer immersion program specially designed by Communications & Marketing Services C&MS) to allow the BEMs to experience a slice of the consumers’ lives – what clicks with them and what things or practices they value. “It is important that we understand the mindset of our consumers so we know how we can connect with them, and how we can strengthen our bond with them,” Sandra explained. “Those of us who develop and decide on consumer communication must always think of the audience we need to talk to. The Wowowee visit was a great fun-filled learning experience and I would like to thank especially our friends at ABS-CBN.”

Peter couldn’t agree more. “It was great to see and understand what attracts the attention of our consumers. I was impressed by the professionalism of the Wowowee crew. The show was very organized, from the warm-up for the audience to sing, dance, clap and generally behave, through the live show and the breaks in between.” Up until that time, Peter said he did not realize the extent of Wowowee’s reach and impact. Only a few minutes after the show started, he received about 40 text messages from people who claimed they or their relatives saw him on TV.

Attesting to the power of TV, John also shared an experience that happened at the airport one Saturday morning after the show. While he was standing in queue for the security check, John got the surprise of his life when the man behind him pointed to him and suddenly blurted, “Wowowee! You are the chairman of Nestlé!” It turned out that the man, a visiting Balikbayan from Florida, regularly watches Wowowee and saw John’s live participation in the game.

ABS-CBN President Charo Santos, News and Current Affairs Managing Director Maria Ressa, Channel 2 Head Cory Vidanes, ABS-CBN Corporate Affairs Head Bong Osorio and Head of Channel 2 Sales August Benitez led the network team who welcomed the NPI guests. Aside from experiencing a live show, the NPI team was also taken on a tour of ABS-CBN facilities, including visits to the studio of the talent show Showtime, TV Patrol, and radio station DZMM. The tour was capped by a visit to the much talked about Pinoy Big Brother house, where the team got a glimpse of the lives behind the reality show.

John said, “It was a very good learning experience that stimulates outof- the-box thinking on how to best reach out to our consumers. Watching the show live lends valuable insights into what appeals to our Pinoy family. Joining the game allowed me to get into the shoes of the consumer and understand how he felt, his motivation to win. The learnings from this brief but meaningful experience at Wowowee are certainly helpful as we set out to Win Lives in 2010.”

Source: Nestle Family Balita (March 30, 2010)


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