Sunday, January 27, 2013

Put those wine stoppers to good use

Happy Sundays, Kasambuhays!

Today, we're tackling the idea of 'new uses for old things'. Sometimes, it's all about looking at something in a whole new light. Here are some ideas, brought to you by your friends from--where else? :)-- the Nestlé Club. Find the original article here.

A perfect example is those cork wine stoppers; perhaps you've amassed a number of wine stoppers leftover after the merrymaking last Christmas. Here are some new ways to use them:

Place-card holder Add some sophistication to the dinner table when you’re having some guests over with cork place-card holders. Simply make a slot on the side of a cork and insert a card with your guest’s name written on it (PS: Your kids can even decorate the card with cork stamps!).
Pincushion Corks make great pincushions, too, because of their composition. All you have to do is simply stick your pins and needles – no other steps needed.
Jewelry organizer Keep your accessories from getting mixed up with this DIY organizer. Get a big picture frame, remove the glass, and wrap the backing with beautifully designed fabric. Next, glue one end of each cork onto the backing. You can now hang two to three necklaces from a cork or push a pair of earrings onto another.
Pushpin When the kids tire of their cork stamps, you can convert them into pushpins with flair for your bulletin board. Just slice a cork stamp in half crosswise, and then decorate the other half, too. Next, push the plastic end of a pushpin into a cork half (the design should be visible on the other end).
Knob For that shabby-chic look, redecorate your existing kitchen cabinets by replacing their handles with identical corks. Before screwing the corks onto the doors, you can decorate them with big buttons – just make sure these are coordinated. 

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