Friday, January 25, 2013

Positive thinking :)

The weekend is upon us once again! Why don't you take the time to reflect on this article as you wind down over the next two days? :) You just might discover something new about yourself and your outlook on life!


Do you see the glass as half-empty or half-full? “Glass half-full people” always look on the bright side, and stress doesn't get the best of them. They can smile and laugh despite the challenges that come their way – and they overcome these setbacks.
Be just like these optimists with these tips:

Surround yourself with positive people
Good vibes are infectious, so stay close to the people that you think are positive. They are easy to spot; there's always a smile on their face, and you also feel good around them. Stay close to them so you can follow their example.

Look at the brighter side
We are the product of the choices we make, and how you view the challenges that come your way is a choice that you have to make.  You can choose to look at the bright side.  This allows you to smile, which makes you look better, and laugh, which helps you cope better with the hard times.  Remember, there's no problem that you can't bear, but you have to have faith.

Say good things to yourself and to others, too
Look at yourself in the mirror and look for something good about you as a person, and then do that to others, too. And here's the most important part: Say it. Say it to yourself and to the ones around you. Praise and be generous with your compliments. When you spread good vibes, these come back to you tenfold.

Count your blessings
List down every blessing – big and small – in your life.  Counting your blessings and being grateful have the power to make you happy and give you comfort even in stressful situations. Highlighting the positive in your life gives you a lift and makes problems seem not as big as they at first have seemed.

Block bad thoughts
Especially when you're stressed, these negative thoughts crop up and nag you: You can't. You're no good. It won't work out. You'll fail. Cancel them out with the blessings you've already counted. Let positive thoughts take over and strengthen you.

Source: Nestlé Club

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