Monday, September 16, 2013

Pambaon tips!

Watch our lifestyle segment for practical housekeeping tips from Nestlé Club!

Providing meals that inspire Nutrition, Health and Wellness among family members is on top of every homemaker's to-do list. It's no wonder that they would search endlessly for the perfect recipes to spell out good food, good health, and good life. That's why we're happy to bring you GoodLiving, a cooking and lifestyle web show brought to you by the Nestlé Club. Visit us as often as you can because we will be updating this page for new webisodes for you to enjoy!

This episode is entitled "Pambaon" :)

Spark creativity in preparing your family's pambaon! After all, variety is key in encouraging appetite among your family members. Start by getting inspiration from the dishes we've prepared in this episode. Plus, our lifestyle video will feature housekeeping tips that may come in handy one of these days!

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