Monday, April 1, 2013

Why laughing is good for you :)

It's back to business after a restful and peaceful Holy Week!

To help you get back in the groove, let's start your Monday with something amusing and light-hearted! :)

Laughter brings many benefits :)
Some of you already know this--getting healthy can sometimes take a lot of effort. After all, sticking to a diet and an exercise routine is no walk in the park. But there is one thing that's so simple and easy to do and can do wonders for your health: just laugh! 

Now isn't that something! :) We'd like to share with you some of the health benefits of laughing: 

Laughing relieves stress
A laugh can start with a smile, and when the ball (or laugh, rather) gets rolling, the “happy hormone” or endorphins are released. It relieves not just stress but also pain. Laughing also gives you energy and lowers the levels of cortisol, the “stress hormone” and helps you cope with stress.

Laughing burns calories
Who says weight loss is no laughing matter? If you laugh for 15 minutes a day, you burn a total of 10 to 40 calories. You don't have to do so continuously. And if you have a 15-minute daily laugh for a year, you can lose four pounds!

Laughing boosts the brain
Have you noticed that you remember funny things well? That's because laughing may help enhance memory. It also helps fire up your creativity and improve problem-solving skills by stimulating both sides of the brain.

So go ahead and find something to laugh about :) We're sure your loved ones will gladly help! :)


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