Friday, March 29, 2013

Healthy and yummy for less? Sign us up! :)

Hey there, Kasambuhays! How is your week going so far?  

Today, we share with you some healthy and affordable (not to mention, yummy!) food items :)

Perhaps you've observed the same thing when doing your grocery-- food prices going up, which makes budgeting even tougher these days. Sometimes, we end up giving up some items on our grocery list. But that doesn't mean we have to sacrifice the good nutrition that our family needs to keep up with the demands of this fast-changing world.

To help out, we've rounded up some food items that are packed with healthy goodness but are light on the pocket. 

Pop your own snack for family movie nights at home! Popcorn gives you energy and fiber and doesn't spoil appetite in between meals. A cup of popcorn can be as low as 31 calories; much less compared to 139 calories per cup of the usual potato chips.

Peanut butter
This yummy and favorite spread is high in healthy, unsaturated fat that's good for your heart. It helps your body absorb vitamins A, D, E, and K. Moreover, peanut butter goes well with apples, bananas, and of course bread.

Jump-start your mornings with a good bowl of cereals. Not only are they easy to prepare (just add milk), they provide you with energy and fiber. So why not brighten up your kids' morning with a bowl of KOKO KRUNCH, which is high in iron and B vitamins. You can also snack on NESTLÉ FITNESSE cereals which is high in fiber for healthy digestion.

Canned tuna
Tuna is rich in brain-boosting omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 is good not just for the brain but for the heart, too. Tuna makes it easy for you and your family to enjoy the benefits of Omega-3 and it's easy to add to your sandwiches, pastas, canapés, and more. 

Kidney beans, black beans, monggo, and garbanzos are some of the beans readily available in the market. Add them in your favorite soup and meat dishes (and even desserts like halo-halo) to beef up their protein and fiber content.

We all think that milk is the best source of calcium. But there can be more to it, like iron, zinc, and vitamin C – which build up your child's resistance. Prepare a glass of NIDO Fortified or BEAR BRAND Powdered Milk Drink for your kid while you enjoy a glass of BEAR BRAND Adult Plus.


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