Friday, October 8, 2010

NESCAFE Classic’s joyful exclamation: Bangon!

Ads And Ends -- Nanette Franco- Diyco

Market leader Nescafé Classic asks in its newly launched 60-second TV commercial, "Para kanino ka bumabangon (For whom do you get up from bed)?"

It’s by far one of the most beautiful commercials churned out this year by creative agency Publicis. The thematic campaign is thought-provoking and inspirational without missing a heartbeat. It has depth while maintaining its warmth from the quick sunrise scenes to its final quest for an answer. The viewer then ponders by himself, "Truly, for whom do I stand up and rise each morning?" Great concept. Good writing.

Director Henry Frejas has also outdone himself here. He said: "It’s rare, finding such a storyboard." I must add that it’s equally rare to want to watch a commercial over and over again. The director’s realistic images and pacing dramatize and cosmetize the tightly knit script. They leave us with a docu-feel that still manages to highlight and shout man’s innate goodness. Without the need for words, we are left with a resolve to better live life with a sense of love for those around us.

The director revealed that the people in the commercial were real people performing their true-to-life activities. The teacher was a real teacher; the dancing traffic policeman was as real as you could get; the construction man was in real construction; the Gawad Kalinga grantees were real happy grantees helping to build their own homes with Gawad Kalinga real volunteers; another volunteer in Baguio’s heartlands helping protect the culture of indigenous tribes; and of course, real dedicated mothers with their brood.

The quiet scenes of ordinary people sipping coffee by their lonesome underscore man’s need for daily introspection and serenity. Whom are we living for? Whom do we wake up for? Simply call it our need for a daily examination of conscience.

On the marketing front, the material links up with great naturalness to the brand Nescafé Classic, its market leadership undertones adding to the overall elegance of both communication and product. I particularly liked the absence of any hard product-sell until almost the very end of the commercial. And even the product freight was beautifully executed. The visuals smoothly flowed with nature’s bounty, building up to the product’s leadership in quality and taste.

Publicis business unit director Kat Yulo says, "Bangon Pilipinas has a heart that rallies the millions of Filipinos to rise with a purpose of uplifting themselves and others. This is in line with the Nescafé tradition of inspiring Filipinos to serve as the catalyst for change and progress."

Director Henry quipped that the timeliness of the release of this thematic campaign ties in very nicely with the palpable resurgence of Filipino pride.

It’s a commercial that leaves you feeling good about yourself, your country and the people around you.

Take a deep bow, Nestlé, Publicis Manila and Filmex for one great strategic and creative collaboration.

SOURCE: BusinessWorld Online
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