Friday, August 6, 2010

Nestle Philippines Audio Visual Presentation: Nestle M.I.L.E.

Nestle Management Immersion for Leadership Excellence (M.I.L.E.)

Grace De Castro -- Course Director, MILE 2009 and 2010

What is Nestle MILE?

"MILE is the Management Immersion for Leadership Excellence program. This year is the second year that we are running the MILE program. It's 4 days in business school meets what we like calling Creating Shared Value, which is really the Nestle difference, what makes us unique as an organization."

What to expect from the Nestle MILE program?

"It's pretty much 4 days of sessions, talks, a lot of fun activities. Along with student leaders, you'll have senior executives. So, you'll have a whole range of people that you'll be working with. Really just to expose you to how the #1 Nutrition, Health and Wellness company does business."

How different is Nestle MILE 2010 from the pioneer run?

"We're definitely bigger now. We are going nationwide. Last year, we concentrated on Manila. It's been very successful. So, we're looking at sharing the joy! Sharing the happiness with all our student leaders in Visayas and Mindanao."

What can the MILEEs expect?

"Ah MILEEs, that's what we call our MILE folks: the MILE Elite. What can they expect for 2010? In October, it would be more food! Definitely more freebies! More activities! A lot of interaction with the mentors and a lot of learning from each other. So, a lot of time with other student leaders and Nestle leaders as well."

Who is Nestle looking for?

"Who is Nestle looking for? People like you! So that would be student leaders who do well in school; Good academics; Strong leadership potential; People who want to experience something different and who want to see how we do business."

Message to potential Nestle MILEEs 2010

"Good luck! I hope to welcome the new batch of MILEEs, the bigger, better, bolder in 2010. That should be very fun and very interesting. So, I'll see you in October!"

MILEEs 2009

CMTs Batch 2010

"Hi, we're batch 2009, the first batch of MILEEs ever. See the Nestle Difference! Join our race to excellence!"

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