Saturday, December 6, 2014

MILO Postpones Marathon Finals


In view of the imminent arrival of Typhoon Ruby and to ensure the safety and welfare of all concerned, it has been decided that the National Finals of the 38th Milo Marathon will be postponed. 

Originally scheduled for tomorrow Sunday, December 7, 2014 a new date will be announced within the next few days. 

We apologize for this disappointment and ask everyone be sure to take care during these coming difficult days.
We would like to assure all officially registered runners that their registration will be honored in the new race schedule.
For questions and concerns, please contact the RunRio hotlines as follows:
(632) 703-1736
(02) 463-4814
(0977) 137-6345


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  3. Did the right thing, I am so glad that nestle here is not much conern about brand repuration and thought about others. Waiting for the news about new date of finals