Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New BEAR BRAND Campaign Launched

bearbrand promostion img
Hey there, Kasambuhays! Have you heard or read about this campaign in the past few months? :) Watch the video here!

Nestlé Philippines, in collaboration with FNRI-DOST, has launched a new campaign highlighting the importance ofaddressing micronutrient deficiency, a lack of essential vitamins and mineralsrequired by the body for proper growth and development. Micronutrientdeficiency affects  millions of Filipinoschool children today.

Research conducted by FNRI-DOST showed that drinking milkfortified with Iron, Zinc and Vitamin C every day is proven effective to helpaddress  micronutrient deficiency. BEARBRAND Powdered Milk Drink is fortified with Iron, Zinc and Vitamin C.  

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  1. This milk product is my constant partner milk up until now that I've reached my late year in 20"s. Drinking milk is a great help to strengthen my weak bones because I am lack of exercise due to whole day office work. At my age, I have come to realize that drinking milk has no limit because our body needs it. Want to know more interesting topics? Check more here!