Friday, June 18, 2010

Nestle Philippines TV Commercial: MILO "The Gift"

Acclaimed director Stephen Ngo brings to life the new MILO® Marathon TV commercial.

It tells the story of Aris, a young boy from the province who dreams of having his own pair of running shoes. He makes a paper cutout of his own foot, hoping to give it to a kind-hearted soul in exchange for a pair of shoes.

But as he writes his name on the cutout, a strong wind blows it away and he chases after it. He reaches the town plaza where the National MILO® Marathon is about to start. As he weaves through the crowd a runner grabs his cutout. To his surprise, the runner gives Aris a new pair of running shoes.

His dream is finally realized.

We end with Aris happily running in the MILO® Marathon.

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